Vallhund Inu

Who is Vallhund?

Born from the team at BigSwede, Vallhund Inu is the leader of the pack rewarding his followers with USDC for supporting him through the terrible cold of the crypto space through rugpulls and scams.

Vallhund Inu is also focused on increasing the well being of the climate and increasing the clean drinking water standard, because who would want to drink dirty water?

Join us and Vallhund on our mission, to make the planet sustainable and to create better conditions for people in socio-economically vulnerable areas.


We at Vallhund Inu believe in creating value for both our planet and all its inhabitants. Our concept is based on finding and supporting solutions where we as project owners can give back and create a sustainable future from a climate and socioeconomic perspective for us humans and our planet. A few examples of how we’ll try to achieve this is by use of NFTs, a P2E game and an entire ecosystem tailored to give back to people and planet.