Premium B2B-services for any crypto project

Business to business, or in this case B2B-services refers to products or services offered from one professional part to another.

This can be a cryptocurrency project buying a video from a youtuber, graphic designs from a designer, a contract audit from an auditing company, CG/CMC listing assistance and so forth. is such a service provider. We provide a variety of B2B-services for project owners throughout crypto space.

Where can project owners find good services and products?
Finding safe and sound services for crypto projects is getting harder and harder. The vast amount of scams on the B2B side of crypto related services is difficult to navigate through.

coinKYC aims to be the #1 provider of safe services that actually benefit projects. ROI – return of investment – is central when spending hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on a service. coinKYC works tirelessly to give our clients the best ROI possible.

What are the best services crypto projects can buy?
There are a number of good services and products cryptocurrency projects can buy to boost exposure and to better the quality of the project. Let’s look at some of them:

– Smart contract
To have a secure contract that executes its functions on point and as planned is crucial to the safety of investors in the project. Flaws will jeopardize investors funds, and will eventually break the project no matter how good the intentions are.  

– KYC and Audit
These two account for the security of investors in the project, and should be a top priority for projects in early stages.

– CG/CMC listing
One of the absolute most impactful and important things a project can do early on is to get listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. It will expose the project for millions of potential investors and should be a top priority for any serious project.

– Marketing consultant
Some projects launch with big plans for marketing and have everything prepared and planned for after launch. However, most don’t. Many put their great ideas to life, and deal with marketing after the project is live and trading. Teaming up with a marketing consultant or company can be of great benefit for most projects – in all stages.

– Trending services
Visibility is key, and premium trending services serve just that purpose – visibility and exposure. Every project should have a budget for trending their project on different platforms.

– Call channels on telegram
This is a great way to do targeted marketing. However, call channels on telegram might be one of the services that feature the most scammers and fakers. Fake and inflated channels are made on a daily basis to lure money out of project owners seeking to gain community members and investors.

– Influencers
Definitely a big, big deal when taking a crypto project to the next level. There are a lot of great influencers in crypto space, and there is an even greater number of bad ones. Picking the right ones can set a project off for a “trip to the moon”, while the bad ones can in the worst cases make investors lose confidence in the team’s ability to make the right decisions on behalf of the project, leading them to dump their holdings.

coinKYC offers all of the above services, and only the best ones. Day by day we add services and partners to our platform to make sure we bring the most “bang for the buck” for our clients.

Who can provide services on coinKYC?
coinKYC will serve an ever increasing number of clients. Because of this, we’re always looking for new partnerships and service providers.

Premium, safe and sound products can be sold through our platform, and we always welcome providers to offer us their services. Please take note that service providers will have to meet a set of requirements before we even consider on-boarding new services.