..finding the good ones can be hard!

The cryptocurrency space is growing rapidly, and with it the number of influencers trying to position themselves in order to make money from it.

It is getting harder and harder for project owners seeking real exposure to navigate the massive amounts of different channels and accounts who offer so-called “promotions” for crypto projects.

Which influencers should project owners use for promotions?
Navigating through and finding a good influencer to promote a project with wanted effect is a time consuming task.

coinKYC knows this, and that’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting on behalf of our clients. As with all of coinKYC’s services, we focus on providing only the best. Thoroughly searching through influencers using our network of partners and friends, we’re proud to offer streamlined communication and influencers with the best intentions for projects searching for exposure and new investors.

How much does crypto-influencers cost?
“The bigger, the better”…and pricier.

coinKYC.io continuously adds partners to our platform, and will always seek to have services and products that fit different sized wallets. Premium influencers on the different social platforms range from a few hundred dollars and up to tens of thousands for a single post or video.

Where can project owners find influencers with a good ROI?
Google searches, scanning social platforms, talking to fellow project owners and being active is a key starting point. However, scammers are everywhere, and they will do everything in their power to make things look good.

coinKYC knows how these untruthful actors operate. This gives us an advantage when selecting who we feature on our website.

We guarantee a real following, real subscribers and real impact when choosing an influencer through us.