DreamFi DreamFi Passive income through fractionalized DAG nodes! Welcome to DreamFi, where every investor receives true lifetime rewards. We pride ourselves on our simplicity and transparency. Here’s how it works: It costs 10 zZz’s to make a dream. Each dream produces 365% APR (0.1 zZz per day). 70% goes to rewards. 5% goes to liquidity. […]


MAD BUFF MAD BUFF Mad Buff! The Crypto Energy Drink with MAD Taste! Mad Buff will kick start the party with its own Energy Drink right after launch – imagine an Energy drink based around crypto & bought with crypto. Viral real life products fueled by cryptocurrency! Mad Buff isn’t just a crypto – it’s […]

Buff Croge

BUFF CROGE Buff Croge Coin Buff Croge Coin is the buff version of Croge Coin. Welcome to Buff Croge, the Croge that is anabolic and rigged for a crazy ride! We are not only here to pump our abs, but to pump your bags aswell. We are here to get you pumped for action, and […]


KRONOS Kronos Kronos-Sale is a Pre-Sale & Locker Platform on the Cronos Chain that prides itself on providing auditing projects/ Just look at the Pre-sale badge each project has and instantly know it’s potential. Kronos-Sale is an expanding ecosystem that pays dividends to it’s token holders. Buy more tokens, or stack our Greek god NFT’s […]

Diamond Hands Roxanne

Diamond Hands Roxanne Diamond Hands Roxanne Diamond Hands Roxanne is a community token that offers 4% reflections in Binance-Pegged Polkadot. As well as this we have 10,000 base edition NFTs with limited edition NFTs to be released throughout the life of the token. These NFTs will provide access to the Diamond Hand Club which is […]


SATOSHIS SATOSHIS SATOSHIS is a jeweller with a goal to create a multiverse* designer brand. Our vision is to create a brand where cryptocurrencies and NFTs are incorporated into the real world in form of designer jewellery. Globe-europe Telegram

Cupidity Inu

Cupidity Inu CupidityInu – Greed for Money CupidityInu is working on a No Pump n Dump concept by building the community from scratch. A Long term Hold with Dynamic Utility Appealing the changing times and practicality of use Young Dev with a Zeal to bring Diamond Community together and grow together Globe-europe Telegram

Vallhund Inu

Vallhund Inu Who is Vallhund? Born from the team at BigSwede, Vallhund Inu is the leader of the pack rewarding his followers with USDC for supporting him through the terrible cold of the crypto space through rugpulls and scams. Vallhund Inu is also focused on increasing the well being of the climate and increasing the […]

Universal Pickle

Universal Pickle Universal Pickle isn’t just a crypto currency, but a movement. Universal pickle will be the first token to ever enter the food industry. Universal Pickle is a hyper deflationary token with unique tokenomics to fuel it’s growth.  Every Holder with more than 1000$ is automatically entered into the HUGE $UPL PRICE LOTTO where tokens are given […]